Web Hosting


LEK offers many different web-hosting solutions. If you’re looking for a simple website hosting environment we provide both Linux (Apache) and Windows® platforms. Prices for this service start in the range of $30 per month, include five email addresses in your own domain, and a limit of 500mb of disk storage.

Other hosting options are available including additional disk space, additional bandwidth, additional email addresses, and more. If you’re looking to host a high-activity website you may wish to look into our co-location service to guarantee your website is running in a environment unique and dedicated solely to your website.
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Equipment Co-Location Service


LEK offers entry-level and high-end co-location in Akron, Ohio. Co-location gives the user access to as much bandwidth as necessary without the added expense of a dedicated leased line. A variety of pricing options are available depending upon your bandwidth needs, amount of servers, and other variables. Extremely low volume equipment meeting specific size requirements can be hosted for as little as $150 per month.

LEK also offers custom built equipment to co-location customers. If you’re looking to build a new server for this purpose give us your specifications and we’ll be glad to give you a quote. Customers in the LEK co-location room benefit from our on-staff hardware technicians who, at your request, can repair and replace your equipment in the co-location center eliminating the need for you to come on-site. Equipment purchased from LEK still under warranty will receive this service for free.
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