Canal Place Internet Service

LEK is dedicated to providing Canal Place tenants with the best quality high speed Internet service available.  We can offer up to 100mbs speed delivered via Ethernet directly to your suite!


Our Canal Place Internet service includes one static IP address (larger subnets are available), symmetrical upload and download speeds, and onsite* technical support.

Why choose LEK over AT&T or RoadRunner?

  • Symmetrical bandwidth.  DSL and Cable services offer a high download speed, but limit the upload speed.  This means VOIP may not work properly and emails may send slowly.  A slower upload speed and also cause VPN’s to operate at a slower than optimal speed.
  • Onsite technical support. No call centers or phone menus to deal with. Call us at 330.762.2040 or stop in to Suite 2443 if you have a problem.
  • Up time! Yes, our technical support is the best you’ll find but most of our customers never need it. Because we use time tested technology (Ethernet) to provide you service you’ll experience up times and the quality of service of a much more expensive DS1 or DS3 circuit.
  • No contracts.  Our price is our price and it will not go up unexpectedly after six months or one year. Our setup fee includes a wireless router that is configured and ready for your personal computer or laptop.
  • Fastest turnaround times.  For most suites we can have you up and running in less than a day.
Whether you’re new to Canal Place or been around for years we are ready to help.  Give us a call (330.762.2040) or stop by (Suite 2443).


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