QmailAdmin – Vacation Message

These are step-by-step instructions. For additional questions about this page or any other technical support issues please contact support [at] lek.net or call 330.762.2040 during regular business hours.

These instructions are also available as a pdf file.

Step 1:
Open http://qmailadmin.lek.net in your web browser.

Step 2:
Fill in the ‘User Account’, ‘Domain Name’, and ‘Password’ fields with the appropriate user information. If your email address is test@lek.net the ‘User Account’ field would contain test, the ‘Domain Name’ field would contain lek.net, and the ‘Password’ field would contain your password.

Step 3:
After logging in the ‘Modify User’ page is loaded. Check the box that reads ‘Send Vacation Auto-Response’ on the lower half of the ‘Modify User’ page. Type your desired vacation subject and vacation message in the appropriate text boxes then click ‘Modify User’. Click ‘Log Out’ on the bottom right of the page.

Step 4:
Test the vacation message by sending an email to your account. Be sure that both the vacation message is received and the original message was delivered. If both messages are not received there si a problem that could result in loss of email. Please call LEK technical support at 330.762.2040 or email support@lek.net.

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